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Modular classrooms with a sign outside that says GPFLEX

Welcome to the new home of GPFLEX!

Graphic reads: GPFLEX has been such a blessing for our kids that need more personal, individual, one on one help.
GPFLEX seniors throw their caps into the air after graduation

Congrats 2023 grads!

Student writes: I like that I can move as fast as I want to in my classes. I love that I can get all my school done quickly
GPFLEX seniors stand up and smile at graduation

Congrats 2023 Grads!

Graphic reads: If I understand something I can move quickly through that subject and get all my work done.
GPFLEX seniors pose for a photo outside wearing caps and gowns

Congrats 2023 Grads!

a student quote saying GPFLEX has the best teachers
Graphic Reads: We love GPFLEX. The curriculum platform, Edgenuity, is very easy to navigate and teach from.
Graphic reads: In case of any problems or confusion, teachers and other support staff are only a phone call or e-mail away.

Welcome to GPFLEX

About us

Grants Pass Flexible Learning EXperience (GPFLEX) is an exciting educational opportunity for 6-12 grade students and their families looking for an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar school.  As our name suggests, GPFLEX allows students to work fully online, have a hybrid schedule with some in-person and some online courses and can serve as a bridge to other educational opportunities for a diverse array of students.

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School News

A picture of the outside of the Performing Arts Center in springtime.

Grants Pass School District 7 and Four Way Community Foundation are proud to announce the launch of a fundraising campaign to preserve the Grants Pass High School Performing Arts Center (PAC).

A 25th-anniversary celebration of the Performing Arts Center will take place on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The celebration will be an evening of music, theater, and dance.

paper envelope with the gpflex rocket logo

Our new location is officially open for business!  It is very exciting for us to be able to better serve your students with all of our teachers on campus every day and available for in-person help and support.

We will be having a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate this big event and all of you and your students are invited and encouraged to join us.

paper envelope with the gpflex rocket logo

As we start a new year, it is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to be the very best version of us that we can possibly be. It is my sincere hope that every student and staff member at GPFLEX can work to make every day of 2024 better than the day before.

We are racing toward the end of the first semester of the 2023-24 school year. We have this week and then the last day of the semester is on January 18. I encourage all of our students to work really hard through the end of the semester and finish strongly.

A modular building is brought in with a crane

In December, modular buildings for the campus were brought in via a crane, marking an exciting milestone for the online and flexible learning school.

This new campus will provide additional space for daily, one-on-one support opportunities and more on-site opportunities for students to collaborate and connect with their peers.

paper envelope with the gpflex rocket logo

In a very exciting development for GPFLEX, we have broken ground on our new location at 710 NE Dean Drive right by GPHS! There is an entire construction crew laying foundations for our new buildings and the buildings themselves are being prepared as we speak by a crew up north where they are currently located.  We are hoping to be moved in between the end of first semester and spring break 2024!  

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