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About Our School

Grants Pass Flexible Learning EXperience (GPFLEX) is learning that works for your student(s) and your family. Enjoy the flexibility of at-home, online, learning with access to award-winning in-person programs and activities within Grants Pass School District 7 schools. With GPFLEX, students enjoy an individualized learning plan to help them achieve their educational goals.

School Overview

GPFLEX is designed to meet the needs of families who want most of their children’s learning experiences to be from home. It is the ideal school to balance at-home learning with public education opportunities.

GPFLEX provides education opportunities for students in third through twelfth grade. GPFLEX is a fully state-accredited school and meets Oregon State requirements for a high school diploma.  

GPFLEX opportunities for students in grades 3rd - 5th are located at Highland Elementary School

Students in grades 6th - 12th grade may participate in courses and activities at their attendance area school and can get support from GPFLEX staff on the Gladiola High School campus.

What does the school calendar look like?

  • Elementary students in grades 3 through 5:
    • Will follow the trimester calendar like all brick and mortar elementary schools.
  • Secondary students:
    • Will follow the quarter/semester calendar like all brick and mortar middle and high schools.

    • High school students will need to take at least 6 courses at a minimum per semester and middle school students will need to take at least 5 courses at a minimum per quarter.


Visit our application webpage for more information.


  • Students are required to make daily contact with their teacher either through video conferencing, phone call, email, text or even in person.  They must also make academic progress daily in their assigned courses.  

  • Students will need to attend virtual school sessions, in-person sessions, and any college-level course like any school. Families should aim for 95% attendance. 

  • The advantage to GPFLEX is that it can flex with family schedules and students can access their content at any time through the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas and the online products being used.