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Message from the Principal

August 11, 2021

Welcome, GPFLEX families! 

Over the summer, many pieces started falling together to create GPFLEX, Grants Pass School District’s newest school. I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak with many parents and field questions of every variety. It is exciting to offer more and more answers as time goes on. 

I realize that many of you have been anticipating information on the start of our year. I apologize for what feels like a delay in information. As with all new beginnings, we encounter unforeseen speed bumps and must build systems to better navigate over them. In light of this, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your patience and excitement regarding the launch of GPFLEX. 

It was my greatest intention to invite every family to our GPFLEX office, located at the high school campus on the corner of 8th and Josephine, to discuss and create your student’s Personal Education Plan (PEP). Considering the air quality, heat, and rising Covid numbers, it is with regret that I feel compelled to create a contactless method for developing student PEPs. I do intend on making sure every family has personal contact from either myself or one of my staff members when developing an education plan for your student. 

To facilitate the creation of your student’s PEP and school schedule, I am requesting that each of our students has a complete PEP Planning Form submitted. This is different from the forecasting form many of you completed between March and July. This will be a much more specific form that is a better reflection of what GPFLEX can and will schedule for your student.  I realize that some of you may be feeling “formed out,” and for that I apologize. This is to specifically help create a contactless system for a more phone or Zoom- friendly PEP discussion. There is a form specific to your student’s grade level in school. You will find them in the links below.

Please anticipate an email or phone call from the GPFLEX staff before August 25th to discuss your student’s PEP and schedule. If Zoom or phone is not possible, we can engage in the discussion via email. 

I look forward to working with you in the coming days, weeks, and months. I am honored and humbled to be serving the families of Grants Pass as the GPFLEX principal. 


Natosha Savage

Elementary PEP Planning Form

Middle School PEP Planning Form

High School PEP Planning Form

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portrait of principal natosha savage

Natosha Savage

Rachel Sager
Assistant Principal